First we will come out and survey the location, making sure the air space is safe and legal to fly in. After that, we will start our flight planning process. This consist of planning the UAV’s flight routes, angles, and settings. Once this is complete we will go through our pre-flight checklist to make sure everything is working properly and safe. Finally, we take off and get the job done just as planned! We take everyones safety seriously, thats why we are licensed, registered, and insured with the FAA. Check out some of our aerial shots for yourself!

The Process

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    Survey Location

    We will start by surveying the location. This is just a quick walk around of the area to make sure the area is safe and legal to fly in according to FAA regulations. This part can be done before the actual day of flight, or even on the same day of the flight. If it happens to be in controlled airspace we will request a waiver from the FAA. These can take up to 90 days though.

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    Pre-Flight Planning

    This is where we will make a flight plan of where we want to take off from, what routes to fly, the best angles to use, and where to land. Once we get everything planned out, we will also go over our pre-flight checklist. The pre-flight checklist is to ensure the drone is working properly and safe for flight.

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    Take Off

    Finally, before taking off we will brief everyone on our mission. Once everyone is on the same page, we will take off and get the job done! Depending on the complexity of the job, and how many photographs are needed this usually only takes about 10-30 minutes. Larger jobs usually require more time.